Minutes – August 12, 2015

August 12, 2015




The Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the Town of Krotz Springs, State of Louisiana, met in regular session, at the regular meeting place, the town hall, Krotz Springs, Louisiana at 6:30 P.M., August 11, 2015.


There were present:    Craig Burghdoff, Andre Lanclos, Cindy Stelly, Nyssa Godwin, Keith Ardoin

There were absent:     None


The Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the Town of Krotz Springs were duly convened as the governing authority of said town by Mayor Carroll Snyder, who then stated that the Mayor and Board of Aldermen were ready for the transaction of business.

On motion of Keith Ardoin, and duly seconded by Craig Burghdoff that the minutes of the regular meeting held July 11, 2015 be approved. The motion was carried by unanimous vote.

On motion of Andre Lanclos, and duly seconded by Cindy Stelly that all outstanding bills be paid. The motion was carried by unanimous vote.

On motion of Craig Burghdoff, and duly seconded Andre Lanclos  to put two police units up for bid on the following: (1) Chevrolet Sedan Impala Vin#2G1WF55K01909712 with a no minimum bid and (2) 2008 Dodge Sedan Charger Vin #2B3KA43H88H299843 with no minimum bid. The cars can be inspected at the Krotz Springs Police Department. The bids will be opened at the next regular town meeting on September 8, 2015. The motion was carried by unanimous vote.

Chief Susie Lacassin reported that all is good in town. Mayor Snyder said that he received a complaint about the ice machines on the highway, he said the barricades are interfering with his business. Mayor Snyder said that he would have to call DOTD.

Fire Chief Watson addressed the Council and Mayor on the rescue unit, stating that under the Louisiana Ambulance Alliance pertaining to our district is La. RS 40:1231 (#1),  La. Admin. Code Title 48, part 1, Sec. 6017(#2), La Admin. Code Title 48, part 1, Sec. 6001(#3),  and La. Admin. Code Title 48, part 1, Sec. 6031(#5). In the past we transported everyone, we did not know these laws were in place that we have to abide by. We cannot leave our facility unmanned and if we do we could lose our licenses, every time we leave this area we are open for revocation.  Our job is to stay in this district 24/7, 365 days a year, this is why we hand off to someone else. We are EMT’s we cannot administer any drugs, we are not paramedics. If it is life or death we will bring patient all the way to hospital, if not life or death we hand off to another service. We provide fire safety, that is the number one priority, we are fire protection service. If we lose the millage the town goes to a volunteer department. We are not here to hurt anyone.

Alderwoman Cindy Stelly said she was going to talk to Attorney Taylor Bassett to submit an AG opinion concerning the ambulance service, she was looking into the matter for Mrs. Juanita Reed. Alderwoman Stelly said maybe we need to talk to legislation about amending the law to fit our community’s needs.  We as elected officials it is our job to look into these situations. We went to LMA Conference and ran into Mike Lambert, who had actually delivered Fire District 1 ambulance. Craig and I were telling him that we wish our ambulance could go all the way to the hospital and Mr. Lambert asked why? We told him that there was a law on the books about delivering outside of your district. Mr. Lambert said for us to contact the Gonzales fire department to see how they handle their transports. Alderwoman Stelly said she called and talked to the fire chief, he said they have two ambulances and they transport to Gonzales, local and to Baton Rouge. Now they are interested because they do not want to break any laws, and if I find out anything to let them know. I called Donna, with the Louisiana Ambulance Alliance she was not aware, but not to say it doesn’t exist. She recommended that we consult our attorney. I called Taylor Bassett and he sent me RS 40:1500, and RS 40:1500.1 that says districts may utilize their equipment to transport any injured or ill person to a hospital or other place of medical care in an emergency situation where there is no reasonable expectation of the prompt response of an ambulance or industrial ambulance. To be used for its intended use, as a judgment call.

Charles Watson it is not a matter of transporting, it is just that when we transport then we leave the town unprotected. Alderman Lanclos asked no matter what life or death you would transport all the way. Charles said absolutely, we are going to transport. Charles Watson said he will ask their attorney to submit an AG opinion. Alderman Lanclos said your department is very good, use the service as your discretion. Charles said we are obligated to hand off to higher equipped personnel to handle these situations.  Jeff Morrow said the concern is that personnel could get tied up at the hospital handing off patients that are non emergency, which puts town at risk for no protection. The board decided to hand off at the district line so we do not leave town unprotected.

Mayor Snyder said once we get an AG opinion it should resolve this issue. Mayor Snyder said we do realize that if your are able to transport all the way, we do realize that it leaves the town unprotected. Charles Watson said we still have a moral obligation to hand off to higher personnel that can help the patients. Mayor Snyder said that he talked to Mark Majors to stand by when our ambulance is on a call, they would come stand by and take the call. Alderman Lanclos said Acadian Ambulance supposed to cover the whole parish, but our end is the least covered.  They have a contract with the parish, they are supposed to cover this area.

Tim Guidry said we are familiar with the rural areas, whereas the other ambulances are not. We can get them and meet other ambulance services half way, which cuts the time down for everyone.

Mayor Snyder said we have been having problems with this well. This well works off a phone line, the signal is transported through the phone line for the pressure switch. When there are phone problems in town, technicians come in and mess the up the phone system that transports the signal. If it is the same technician they know not to mess with this circuit, they have marked the circuit but other technicians still mess with the circuit. The only way to solve this issue is to run our own line to the control panel.

Tim Guidry asked us to let the seniors know that the on call alerts they have will respond only to the ambulance service they have on their list. We will not show up because we are not on the list, and we do not get notified of these occurrences.

Alderman Andre Lanclos asked Richie Haik to review the ordinance concerning the golf carts on town streets. They cannot be used on any state highways, only town streets. Eighth Street, Florida Street, Main Street, North Levee Road, South Levee Road, and Second Street are all state highways. Golf carts would have to be street legal just like a vehicle.

On motion of Cindy Stelly, and duly seconded by Craig Burghdoff that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was carried by unanimous vote.